Didymos Morning Dew

Indio Morning Dew Hemp WW 5 Toddler 13 months, 10.5 kg Wearer: 5’2”, medium body built, 60kg Type of Carrier: Indio Morning Dew Brand: Didymos Website: https://www.didymos.com/en/ Size: 5 Fabric Content: 60% cotton. 40% hemp Surface Weight: 200 gsm Type of Carry or Carries done: FWCC, Rucksack knotless finish, FCC, tandem carry front and back, … Continue reading Didymos Morning Dew


Pasta wheels with Squash soup and Zucchini balls

Dinner made by daddy Pasta wheels Zucchini & Squash balls Basil with squash soup Reaction: Aglio olio Pasta wheels with zucchini and squash 1/2 cup Pasta wheels (around 100g) 10pcs Zucchini balls 10pcs Squash balls *use a baller to form the balls. If no baller, you can make other shapes like cubes, circles or triangles. … Continue reading Pasta wheels with Squash soup and Zucchini balls