Didymos Morning Dew

Indio Morning Dew Hemp WW 5
Toddler 13 months, 10.5 kg
Wearer: 5’2”, medium body built, 60kg
Type of Carrier: Indio Morning Dew
Brand: Didymos
Website: https://www.didymos.com/en/
Size: 5
Fabric Content: 60% cotton. 40% hemp
Surface Weight: 200 gsm
Type of Carry or Carries done: FWCC, Rucksack knotless finish, FCC, tandem carry front and back, Rucksack Tibetan finish, Rucksack Candy Cane finish
Local retailer: Mum-n-bub


This wrap is Didymos Morning Dew with the famous indio pattern of this brand. The colors are very cool to the eyes, reminiscient of fresh early morning water droplets on greens. It’s a size 5 wrap – not too long and not too short for me, just the right size for fancy finishes and goddess tails.

My initial reaction for this wrap was happiness. It’s my first ever brand new wrap and “breaking it in” gave me so much excitement. Upon opening the box and feeling the wrap for the first time, it is already very soft unlike other wraps that are very stiff at first and needs a lot of breaking in. The blend is 60% cotton and 40% hemp, which I think is a good blend if you want something that is light and airy yet supportive and toddler-worthy. Took photos of the loom state and post-wash, and obviously the wrap became even fluffier after the first wash.

First carry that I tried is my current favorite and easiest back carry to do (for me), rucksack with Tibetan finish. Of course the wrap isn’t fully broken in yet, but the support is really great and it has this great cush and bounce. It’s also on the thin side, making it easy for me to tie knots and create different finishes. Now that it’s broken in, it has less cush, and stretch, but still very supportive.I love how this wrap is easy to tighten and stay in place. Also has a great grip cause of the type of weave. The only con I can say is that it has a lot of nubs and slubs from weaving. Although I think that’s normal for a hemp blend. Otherwise, it’s a really great wrap and I would say that it’s a wrap that could be passed on to the next generation.



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