CareRing Sling Pearly Blossom

Pearly Blossom
Toddler15 months, 10.5kg
Wearer: 5’2” medium built

Type of Carrier: Woven wrap
Brand: CareRing sling
Size: Size 6
Fabric Content: 100% cotton
Type of Weave:
Surface Weight:
Suitable for newborn to toddler
Machine Washable
Type of Carry or Carries done: Rucksack knotless and Tibetan finish and FWCC
Local Retailers/Distributors: None


The Pearly Blossom woven wrap by CareRing Sling is a beautiful salmon pink color. Not my preference but still definitely pretty. Before getting the wrap, I wasn’t a huge fan of the black anpearlyblossomd grey lace design but when I first tried it on, it gave an elegant hint to the wrap. The salmon pink color makes it look very feminine but the black balances it out.

The fabric felt soft, just the right thickness for wrapping, which is common in 100% cotton wraps, although I think it would have been even softer with further breaking in.

This wrap made me remember my first ever woven wrap – Little Frog azurite size 6 & I believe it had the same wrapping qualities because of the similar blend. This wrap is great from infant to toddler but double passes and spread shoulder passes are definitely recommended when wearing bigger babies since cotton wraps tend to be diggy during long period carries with toddlers. This is an easy-to-love wrap and you won’t have a hard time with passes since it glides easily, yet it is also grippy most probably because of the lace part. It would be very beautiful to do carries which shows the contrast of colors and the different patterns of the wrap.

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