Coco orange oatmeal pancakes


Lately, my toddler has been begging for pancakes. Okay I admit, we’ve been buying pancakes from McDonald’s just cause we, the parents, like it. But of course, it isn’t the healthiest food to offer to our kid. So I thought of some healthy alternative to those McDonald’s pancakes which my son could eat how much he wants and I came up with these coconut orange oatmeal pancakes. He loved them!

1 cup oatmeal (rolled or steel cut)
1 cup coconut milk (better if you can buy it fresh)
2 tbsp brown sugar (optional)
1/4 cup water
1 tbsp orange zest
2-3 eggs

1. Mix coconut milk, oatmeal, brown sugar, water, zest in a saucepan and make sure the oatmeal is cooked.
2. Remove from heat, mix a little and let it cool a bit.
3. Put in the eggs and mix all together. Pour spoons of the mixture on a pan.
4. Best to cook it on a non-stick pan in medium heat until golden brown on each side.

You can top this off with salted butter and maple syrup for better taste but you can omit the syrup if you’re going to serve it to your baby. Just adjust the sugar depending on your taste and the coconut milk’s sweetness. This has a lovely tropical taste to it because of the mix of the coconut and orange and the maple syrup balances out the tangy taste of the orange. Make sure you buy sweet oranges so it complements the taste of the coconut too.


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