PB & Strawberry heart cakes with banana and strawberry sauce

Valentine’s is just around the corner and if you don’t have any idea of what to do for your loved ones, nothing beats expressing your love by cooking for them.  Truly, actions speak louder than words and this breakfast could be a sweet beginning to their long day.

These heart cakes are somewhat similar to the Coco Orange Oatmeal Pancakes I made but this one contains milk, peanut butter and strawberry.

1 cup rolled oats
1 cup milk
5 pieces strawberry
3 tbsp peanut butter
1 egg

2 large bananas
10 strawberries
3 tbsp condensed milk
water to cover

1. Put the rolled oats and milk in a pan. Add a bit  of water and cook for a few minutes. Set aside.
2. Cut up the strawberries into small pieces and add into the cooked oats.
3. Add in the peanut butter and egg into the cooked oats as well and mix everything together.
4. Heat up a nonstick pan on medium heat and place the metal heart cutters. Pour in some batter by teaspoons until the cutter is filled to the rim. Cook each flat side until golden brown. The metal cutter helps in cooking the narrower sides too.
5. Remove the metal cutter and cook the narrow sides of the cake.
6. Remove from heat and place on a plate with the sauce.

1. Place all the ingredients together in a saucepan.
2. Cook until the fruits are very soft and try to mash with a whisk if you don’t have a hand blender.
3. Let it boil until it is the desired consistency. Pour over the cakes and serve.
This is very tasty and the banana serves as the sweetener in this dish. My baby and I ate so much and we enjoyed the hearts too. You can work with other shapes also if you have other metal cookie cutters. Don’t try to use plastic cutters cause it might melt but if these are the only cutter you have, I would suggest for you to try cooking them into pancake shapes first them just cut them after cooking. Enjoy and happy Valentine’s day!


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