capreseMy husband recently prepared this Caprese for the family. This simple Italian salad usually consists of tomatoes, basil, balsamic vinegar and don’t forget, buffalo mozzarella. However, my husband’s variation has lemon juice, olive oil, arugula and pesto instead of basil. He was able to get three kinds of tomatoes from the local market – really small cherry tomatoes that looked like aratilis, yellow tomatoes and black tomatoes. The small cherry tomatoes had some crunch upon biting and had an initial sour taste but ended sweet and tangy. The yellow and black tomatoes were more ripe and mushier so they were sweeter and softer to the palate. My pregnant taste buds prefer the small sour ones!

I asked my husband what his recipe was and he answered me with “What recipe? I just eyeballed it!” “Well not everyone can eyeball food lol.”, I said. So thanks to him, I can share this wonderful, easy-to-prepare salad that all of you can enjoy. 🙂

You can have this as an appetizer or even as your main dish.


30 ml lemon juice
90ml olive oil
100ml pesto
225g buffalo mozzarella
100g arugula
200g tomatoes

1. For the small tomatoes, you can leave it as is or you can slice it in half. For the bigger ones, you can slice into quarters.
2. Slice the buffalo mozzarella into 2 cm thick slices put onto your serving plate.
3. Place your arugula around the buffalo mozzarella cheese then randomly place the tomatoes.
4. Pour some pesto on top then drizzle some olive oil. Squeeze some lemon juice on top and serve.


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