DIY Activity board


Here’s a great idea to keep your baby busy and learning at the same time. We came up with this activity board and just researched on what we could put on it to help our baby learn. These are a mix of real-life and play activities but some moms told me that this could confuse the child, so it’s better to make one with play activities and another one for real-life stuff.

As you can see, the toys on the board are xylophone, shape recognition board, lacing activity, whistle and the colorful rubber ball toy. The real-life activities are the padlock with key, door lock, socket, switch and key holders.

We came up with a theme for our board design and decided on using space-themed stickers and print-outs. Other ideas we thought of were nautical, construction, vehicles, food, and a lot more. My husband did the construction work and I did the layout and design of the board.

Things you will need:
Board (I forgot what size we used but we made two of this and cut it in half)
Permanent marker
Mod podge
Brush or Foam
Stickers and print-outs
Electrical tape
Wooden toys (I bought new ones for this but you can use old or excess toys you have at home)
Velcro with adhesive (Put it on the back of the wooden shapes so that it will hold when baby places the shapes)
Door lock
Pad lock
Closed hook nails

First, my husband sawed the board in half. You need to do this if you bought a big piece of wood and making more than one activity board. I forgot what type of wood board we used but we bought it from a construction supply store. After sawing, he sanded the sides to smoothen it out for safety just in case the babies decide to rip of the electrical tape.

Next, we laid all the items, marked it with a pencil and took a photo so that we know the proper spacing. I put all the stickers and print-outs then varnished the board with mod podge. After that, my husband drilled all the stuff one by one until all of them are in their right place. I designed my baby’s name on top of the board using a permanent marker. As you can see, I also used the marker to draw shapes on the key tags but it’ll probably be better if you print out shapes and insert it in the tags cause the marker got erased eventually.

This is really enjoyable for your baby and is really cheap to make especially if you use items that you’ll find at home plus, this can help develop motor skills.



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