Haluhalo espesyal


Last year, a good friend bought this book for Jacob at the Manila International Book Fair. Ever since we started reading it, Jacob has always been begging me to read it to him before he sleeps. Haluhalo Espesyal of Adarna books is a story about a young girl being stuck at home for days and gets visited by her lola who brings her lots of yummy kakanin. It features bibingka, ensaymada, champorado, turon and the best haluhalo of her lola Itang.

The book shows many different colors and explores the different Filipino ingredients that we can use in our kakanin, which we can describe to our kids. My son enjoys the pictures of the many different kakanin in the book and also enjoys identifying them and their different components. Some days, we make one of the many kakanin, eat it and recall that it is in the book. He remembers!

Today, I thought of an activity that is connected to the book and would work with different textures so we made our own haluhalo using different materials – most of them are already used and to be thrown away.

First I got a paper and sketched out a tall haluhalo glass with a pen. Next, I checked out the book and looked at all the ingredients and colors that were included in their haluhalo.



Red gulaman – I got it from the box of cling wrap and cut it in squares
Nata de coco – Old make up foam that I bought from Miniso and cute it into cubes
Ice/Milk/Macapuno – Scratch paper cut into strips and scrunched up
Ube – I cut it out from the purple bag of Harvester’s multi-grain rice
Sago – Old brown paper bag formed into balls
Langka – Box of Lipton tea
Green gulaman – Green flyer from a restaurant
Red beans – Sachet of Del fabric conditioner

  1. Cut out all the different shapes you want and set them aside.
  2. Spread glue on the glass shape. Here I tried to let my baby put some glue but he didn’t like the texture so he asked me to wipe his hands! Haha!
  3. Try to copy the layers of ingredients in the book OR just let your baby have fun and put all the ingredients where he wants to.

My son was interested while I was preparing the different materials and shapes but when we were at the gluing part, he seemed a bit distracted already and didn’t want to do the activity anymore. So I tried to let him just sprinkle the ingredients and make his own version of haluhalo. In the end, he was still happy and seemed proud of his work.

This is a good sensory activity to learn different textures, colors and shapes.

If your baby seems uninterested in your activity now, it may not be the time to do it so you can work on it some other time or day or you could do your own version of the activity and just be a model to your baby of how you do it. Let his curiosity work and at the right time, he’ll be the one to ask for the activity.




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