Baby shower no. 1

Ahoy! It’s a Boy! was our theme for our first son’s baby shower in 2015. I love DIY-ing stuff so almost everything for the party was made by us because we didn’t want to spend so much for it.

I can’t remember why we chose the theme but it was probably because it was a fun theme and it was easy to find printables. Oh and I wanted seafood! We brainstormed and discussed what food we will serve.

My husband made the different sandwiches and we served it as appetizers to our guests.

Croque monsieur, Cucumber & greek yogurt, Tuna wrap

Good thing we had our own plates and chafing dishes for catering (thanks mom!) so we just rented tables and chairs.

Clams in white wine, Mussels with chorizo & salted egg, FIsh fingers with tartar sauce and Roast beef with roasted veggies

I searched the internet for free printables so we didn’t have to spend on banners. Although the one I printed was a bit small hehe. I also looked for a themed background and edited it in photoshop to become food labels, cake pop sails and cupcake flags.

A closer look at the food tag
There’s the small banner I downloaded and printed

For the desserts, I mostly used the cake trimmings I got from my previous cake orders and turned them into cake pops and s’mores cups. Minimal cost but still very tasty! I also just printed out the boat and used it as a cake topper.

Closer look at the desserts: Cake pops, Smores and Brownies




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