Symmetry painting




Our activity for this day is symmetry painting.  I wanted to teach little cobbler the different colors and the wonderful symmetry there is in nature.

Things you need:
Other things to paint with

We first made a butterfly and a boy, who was him. I roughly cut the figures out from the paper and came up with funny looking shapes! Haha! I was the one who put the colors first and showed him how to fold the paper in the middle. I then showed him what happened to the paint when we unfold the paper.

First we used were the primary colors for the little boy then we used the secondary colors for the butterfly. On the second part of our activity, I searched the internet for animal symmetry sketches and roughly drew on half of the papers I was going to cut. I found a turtle, hippopotamus, sheep and a tiger. These looked better and looked more like the animals probably because I sketched it first before cutting. For these, I let him paint them on his own, although he only seemed interested for a short while so I finished the painting part for him. After painting, I let him fold the different animals in the middle and smash it with his hands so the paint will spread. We unfolded the papers and came out with these beautiful colors.


My son may have seemed distracted during our activity but he sure was proud of it after. He enjoyed showing the finished work to everyone.


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