Color of the week: Blue

I wanted my son to get familiar with the colors by having color of the week so the past week has been BLUE WEEK for us. I think the activities have been very enjoyable for our little cobbler and although he couldn’t say color “blue” at the end of the week, I’m sure he recognizes it because he said it was the color of Ateneo. 

Our first activity was a blue sensory bottle. I reused an empty bottle, asked cobbler to put the beads and sequins inside and we filled it with water. We used blue crepe paper to color the water.

Our second activity was pouring. We had two containers. One had clear water in it and the other had blue water. I asked him to pour the blue water in the clear water. He watched as the clear water got colored. He also played with the water after and kept pouring back and forth between the two containers.blueweek4

For our third activity, we wore blue for the day and went to watch an Ateneo football game! Of course, everyone for Ateneo was wearing blue as well. I guess this was how he attributed Ateneo to the color blue.


Our fourth activity was image discovery and painting. I used a white crayon to sketch a fish on a paper and ask my son to paint it with blue. The image of the fish will appear because the wax from the crayons will repel the paint.


For our fifth activity, I put strips of crepe paper by our door. Little cobbler enjoyed going in and out of our room and reaching out for the paper. By the next day, he has already pulled out all the paper so we used it for our next activity. He also loved holding the crepe paper against the fan and watch it get blown away by the wind.


For our sixth and final activity, we used the crepe paper from the door and pasted it on paper with a fish drawing. The crepe paper is the water of the fish.

I also bought him different colored toy eggs and had him take a bath with the blue eggs daily for this week.

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