Breastfeeding Awareness: Hakab Na! 2017


What is Hakab Na! about?

Hakab means “latch” and the phrase Hakab na! is an invitation for mothers to latch their baby onto their breast. In celebration of the Department of Health’s National Breastfeeding Awareness Month which is every August, Breastfeeding Pinays yearly organizes Hakab Na! to promote the benefits and normalization of breastfeeding in the society. This event aims to spread awareness and proper information about breastfeeding, its impact in our society, the rights of mothers to nurture their infants which are backed up by laws, support groups for breastfeeding mothers, etc.

The Event

Our only photo from Hakab Na! 2016

What started out as a small gathering of passionate mothers in 2013 has now become the biggest breastfeeding event there is in the Philippines. Last year, my son and I joined the event at Metrotent, Metrowalk, Pasig. This year, it will be held in a much bigger venue which is the SMART-Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City! Imagine how much the crowd and supporters grew in a span of four years!

The event will start at 8 in the morning and end at 4 in the afternoon. The Big Latch On will be at 10:30 in the morning. It is the main event in Hakab Na! where all the moms around the world will simultaneously breastfeed their children for 1 minute. Aside from that, there will be talks and seminars about breastfeeding, lots of merchandise and freebies (get your pockets and wallets ready!) and I heard that there will be some celebrities!




P150 – mom and baby pair with a tribe
P200 – mom and baby pair with no tribe
P250 – mom and baby pair walk in
P50 – pregnant ladies or other companions of registered participants 13 years old and above (12 years old and below are free!)

Companion tickets are transferable and there are on-site ticket booths also so don’t worry!

You can register here. Visit the event page for more complete information!


Image source: Hakab Na! 2017 Event Page

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