Top 9 Breastfeeding Items




Don’t let the fear of breastfeeding make it hard for you! Sure, it can be difficult at first but once you get used to it, it will be effortless! Having breastfeeding items can be of great help to your breastfeeding journey. I’ve recently had the chance to shop at SM Fairview’s Baby Company store for nursing and breastfeeding items, and because it’s Breastfeeding Month this August, they’re on SALE! So here are our top picks for breastfeeding items.

Nursing pillow


My children and I love our nursing pillow very much. This is very helpful when your back and arms ache from breastfeeding for hours and we’ve used ours since the first day at the hospital. This can also be used as a pillow for your little one.

Bloom from Baby Company has breastfeeding pillows in plain or printed ones. The plain one costs P699 pesos but I got ours way less than the original price because it’s discounted. I love the comfort and ease of use of this nursing pillow, and it fits snugly on my waist.

Nursing pads and breastmilk storage bags


I love these nursing pads because they’re one of the most affordable pads available. There are three pairs of cotton breast pads in a box. Nursing pads are also essential to bring at the hospital for birth because your milk will come out after birth. You need nursing pads so that your milk doesn’t leak! I also love the material of these nursing pads because they don’t stink and are very easy to wash.

I love these Mom & Baby storage bags because like the nursing pads, they’re one of the most affordable in the market too. I think this brand is only available in Baby Company because I don’t see it anywhere else. I’ve used these bags before to keep expressed milk for our first son and they are very sturdy and thick, plus it’s very easy to write a label on.

But I usually use storage bags for milk that I will donate and I keep milk for my sons in storage bottles instead.

I put these two products in one photo because they’re on sale as a bundle for P400 only!

Infinity nursing scarf


I really like the brand Bloom because they have so many products for moms that are stylish. It’s so hard to look for mom items that don’t look like mom items right? But Bloom has a lot of plain and beautifully printed items that fit the style of every mom. This infinity nursing scarf is a great example. I fell in love when I saw it displayed on the mannequin and it was the last piece! I was fine with buying it because I particularly love the design of the fabric.

What I like about this type of nursing cover, compared to the bib, is that this one covers your back while your baby is nursing. You don’t need to worry about your back or tummy being exposed while nursing. It’s very versatile and you can use it as a scarf too.

Nursing blouse


This is the first time I ever bought a nursing blouse from Bloom and it’s really nice! It fits perfectly on me and is very simple yet elegant. They have a lot of different styles and colors that are perfect for breastfeeding moms! I was able to grab this great deal at 50% off! I love breastfeeding month and I love Baby Company! Never knew they go on sale during August!

Nipple shield


Nipple shields are very useful for sore nipples! If you are a first time breastfeeding mom and is already on the sore stage, go buy these! These help lessen the pain when your baby latches. For me, I guess I’m going to use these soon because my 2-year old accidentally bites when he’s asleep.

Breastmilk storage bottles


Another one of my favorites are these breastmilk storage bottles. These are very useful not just for milk but also for solid food when your baby starts to eat! This is where I keep the milk for my sons instead of keeping in storage bags/plastic which you throw away. I try to make less trash too by using these.

Nipple wipes


I’ve only discovered nipple wipes recently. I’ve been tandem nursing my sons and was thinking of a product that I could use to clean my nipples when they feed after one another. These nipples wipes are great for those with sensitive breasts and for those that want to keep their nipples clean. This is also great to use if you’ve got so much milk and it gets all moist on your breast pads.

Insulated tote bag


An insulated bag is every breastfeeding mom’s best friend! I’m sure a time will come for every mom that they will have to express milk and bring home to their baby. This is very useful in keeping expressed milk chilled to the right temperature. You get this for free if you have a Mom Card for every P3,000 worth of purchase just for this month of August! You can even use it as a lunch box!


I’m happy that Baby Company supports breastfeeding mothers. Look at how their store highly encourages moms to buy! So much great deals this month, I want to go back for more! Don’t forget to visit their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Website to stay updated on the sale this breastfeeding month!

2 thoughts on “Top 9 Breastfeeding Items

  1. I agree with your list! Tho I only know now that they have nipple wipes, too. Haha. I’ve only used wet cotton to wipe my nipples every before and after latch. Sadly, I am no longer breastfeeding now because of medication.


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