Fisher Price – Great Mom in the Making

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I was lucky to be able to attend the Great Mom in the Making event by Fisher Price, Baby Company, Chicco and SM City Fairview. At the event, they displayed lots of their educational toys that were on sale. Very tempting! There were also a lot of expectant moms that went to the event and only a few seats were left occupied. They were also very lucky to join because there were a number of games, raffles, and prizes.


Expert Talk

The first part of the event was a lecture from Dra. Colleen Noelle Carlos-Viray. This is what I loved most about the event. She talked about the importance of play and toys for our children and how to use age-appropriate toys for better development.

She said that play is a natural activity for children and it is an opportunity for our kids to learn and grow. There are structured and unstructured types of playing for children and toys are children’s tools for learning.

How do you choose appropriate toys?

  1. Make sure that the toys are safe and appropriate for your child’s age
  2. Consider that the quality of the toys are well-constructed and durable
  3. The toys should be appealing and interesting for children to play with
  4. It is suited for the child’s physical abilities
  5. It is suited for the child’s mental and social development

What are the different kinds of toys?

  1. Active play toys
  2. Manipulative play toys
  3. Make believe play toys
  4. Creative play toys
  5. Learning play toys
  6. Reading and books

Dra. Colleen also emphasized the importance of interactive reading and literacy in children. She advised to have at least 20 minutes ready time daily and to ask questions to your child while reading. Another thing she added for the child’s development is to have physical activities such as sports. She says this is very good for the overall development because of the different textures and sounds that the child gets to experience.

Games & Prizes

The attendees were able to enjoy around 3 games. First was the bib designing contest. We chose the 5 best designs. Look at all the moms busy personalizing their bib!


I picked an expectant mom who designed her baby’s bib with a lot of colors. Really cute!


At the latter part of the event, Chicco had a presentation about their new line of weightless strollers and ergonomic baby carrier that was approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.


Last but definitely not the least was the raffle part!


Many moms surely enjoyed this event and their event registration was really worth it because of all the prizes and giveaways! Thank you for inviting me to this event. It wasn’t only fun, it was also very informative!

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