Shadrach’s 3rd Anniversary and International Babywearing Week 2017



If you’re a parent who loves babywearing or new to the idea, then you should definitely attend the Shadrach’s 3rd Anniversary and International Babywearing Week 2017 event this October 1, 2017, at the Robinson’s Novaliches Activity Center.

This event aims to gather families to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the successful babywearing brand Shadrach’s Collection and to raise awareness for the love of babywearing.

This year’s International Babywearing Week is on October 2-8. It is a week full of promoting and celebrating the benefits of babywearing. It is the 9th year to celebrate this wonderful advocacy and this year’s theme is Threaded Together, which represents the different threads combined through the weaving process of the carriers we use.


What to expect?

  1. There will be many talks about parenting, breastfeeding, babywearing, and more! This will be a great opportunity for first-time moms.
  2. Babywearing flash mob
  3. Games, raffles, and giveaways!
  4. There will be a fashion show to showcase Shadrach’s 2018 products
  5. Babywearing Zumba
  6. Babywearing demos
  7. The Erisilk launching (I’m really excited about this!)
  8. The Philippine weaving industry
  10. Introduction to stock market and mutual funds

What more can you ask for?

Visit the event page for more information

If you want to join, REGISTER HERE:
How to go to the venue? View the map here:
If you’d like to support the event, click here FOR SPONSORSHIP:

This will be our first time to participate in an official International Babywearing Week event and I’m really excited! What carrier are you bringing? Let’s share and try out as many as we can at the event! See you there!

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