Candies and Treats Safety Guidelines This Halloween

Candies and treats are your child’s prized possession this coming trick-or-treat season. Now that Halloween is just around the corner, you can’t help but be excited for your kid especially if it’s their first time to participate. For sure they’ll get buckets of goodies. But how are you sure that these are safe? Read my basic candies and treats safety guidelines this Halloween.

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Candies and Treats Safety Guidelines

Eat before trick-or-treating

Do not send your child out on a trick-or-treating spree with an empty stomach. Before the event, make sure that your child has eaten a meal or a snack to avoid munching on the treats as they go. This can avoid consuming and nibbling on candies before being inspected for safety.

Sort candies

When you get hold of your kid’s treats, be sure to inspect and sort them. Pour it out on a table and visually inspect for any wrappers that are broken or tampered with. There have been some cases of objects found in candies or chocolates, so it’s better to be safe! Throw away any treats that have broken packaging or out from its wrapper. Also get rid of treats that aren’t commercially wrapped.

Homemade treats

Consuming homemade treats is safe if you personally know who baked it or at least saw where it came from. Otherwise, do not consume them. You do not know what could be in them.

Choking hazards

Check for treats that could pose as choking hazards to your child. Some candies may not be age-appropriate if your child is just a toddler. Some of these may include hard chewy candies, gums, or peanuts that can get caught in their throat. There may even be small toys included in the loot so watch out for those too.

Food Allergies

If your child has any food allergies, check the labels and make sure that there are no allergens. This includes home-baked goods that do not have labels.

Halloween Trick or Treat

We only want our kids to enjoy the holidays, and it’ll even be more fun if we can avoid potential dangers. Inspecting candies and making sure they are safe for consumption will allow our kids to appreciate trick-or-treating even more. Happy Halloween and I hope my candy safety guidelines helped you!

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