Banana, PB & Yogurt

Banana, peanut butter and yogurt - these are the only things you'll need to make this ice cream recipe. Yes, you read that right. 3 INGREDIENTS ONLY. This is sugar-free and you don't need to cook the ice cream mixture. This is very easy to make, it's healthy and a great substitute to regular ice … Continue reading Banana, PB & Yogurt


Apple Rosemary Frozen Yogurt

  This apple rosemary frozen yogurt is a refreshing addition to your hot summer day. It has a sweet and tangy taste, and the fruits add great flavor and texture to it. I used the Cuisinart ice cream maker which I got from Ebay in the US for around $50. It's a neat price for a useful product but … Continue reading Apple Rosemary Frozen Yogurt

Pasta wheels with Squash soup and Zucchini balls

Dinner made by daddy Pasta wheels Zucchini & Squash balls Basil with squash soup Reaction: Aglio olio Pasta wheels with zucchini and squash 1/2 cup Pasta wheels (around 100g) 10pcs Zucchini balls 10pcs Squash balls *use a baller to form the balls. If no baller, you can make other shapes like cubes, circles or triangles. … Continue reading Pasta wheels with Squash soup and Zucchini balls