Baby Monthly Photos

My husband and I love food! That's why we decided to dress our little cobbler in food costumes for his monthly photo!   Do you have any suggestions for our next baby? We're running out of ideas!

Roasted Veggie Sticks

My toddler has been picking his food lately and I noticed that I haven't been feeding him vegetables. I decided to make these roasted veggie sticks, so when we passed by the grocery the other day, I picked out some carrots and zucchinis - just the right amount of orange and green color for baby's food. … Continue reading Roasted Veggie Sticks

Pasta wheels with Squash soup and Zucchini balls

Dinner made by daddy Pasta wheels Zucchini & Squash balls Basil with squash soup Reaction: Aglio olio Pasta wheels with zucchini and squash 1/2 cup Pasta wheels (around 100g) 10pcs Zucchini balls 10pcs Squash balls *use a baller to form the balls. If no baller, you can make other shapes like cubes, circles or triangles. … Continue reading Pasta wheels with Squash soup and Zucchini balls